We recently received a letter from Waranya, one of the students we sponsor through school in Northern Thailand. It is really good to get updates as to what they have been doing and how their school life is progressing. I have enclosed the letter and 2 pictures she sent.  The letters have been translated by the education charity we support as the students only speak very limited English.  You will still see though that even the translation is not 100% correct and is a reflection of where even professional bodies are with their level of English.


Dear Mr Matt & Ms Alex,

I am very pleased to receive your letter. Now my aunt and I are fine. I have finished my exam. I will study in the Secondary School Year 4 soon. The exam season is over. The school is now on semester break for 2 weeks. And due to the fact that my friends who study the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps have to go to Military Camping, I can have some spare time to reply your letter.

During the semester break, I am preparing for the Secondary School Year 4 exam. I choose the Mathematics and Science Program (very difficult). I am not quite good at studying but I will try my best for my own future. And I have to thank you so much for sponsoring my scholarship.

During Songkran, it was very hot. And according to the Chiang Mai’s custom for Songkran, we have to pay respect to the elders that we respect and we will go to make merit at the temple nearby. By the way, it is good that you both have good health. You can ride bicycle, run and swim. If it was me, I would certainly cannot make it because I have Thyrotoxicosis. I have to visit the doctor once every 3 months.

It rains everyday at Chiang Mai. The weather is so fine. It is a pity that you could not visit me during the end of July – early August. The longan was riping during that time. There is a longan tree beside my house. My aunt has already harvested the longan (next time please pay a visit during such time and my aunt will give you some longan).

My aunt said thank you for sponsoring me and she wishes both of you successful in your career and having good health.On of the girls we sponsor as part of our handmade silver jewellery

We are hoping to be able to visit the students again at the beginning of next year, and hopefully Waranya’s aunt!