Handmade Silver Necklaces

Our handmade silver necklaces are designed and produced by Thai hill tribe artisans and other craftspeople from Northern Thailand. Each piece is individually hand-crafted using age-old techniques, but our range is designed in a more contemporary style than some traditional hill tribe designs.

All of our handmade silver necklaces are individually hand-crafted, using a combination of hand-held tools and hand-operated machinery. First the silver is washed, and then heat may be applied in order to make the material more pliable. Once the silver is heated, the piece has to be shaped as quickly as possible. Making the handmade silver necklaces can be the most time-consuming of all our silver jewellery.

Some of our more intricate pieces can take up to sixteen hours to complete, and the more complex designs are often produced by teams of artisans working together. The silversmiths learn their skills from older family members, indeed this is a skill that has been passed down through many generations.

Our handmade silver necklaces are all bespoke, so the speed and mode of production are affected by the changing weather – especially the rainy season. Our artisans might have to halt production because their work areas are flooded, for example, but this is all part of the unique nature of the sterling silver bracelets offered by Maison de Siam.

All of our handmade silver necklaces are made for Maison de Siam, so every order we take has a direct benefit on an individual workshop, on individual artisans, their families and the wider community. We are very proud of this and of all our pieces, and hope that you enjoy them just as much as we do, whether they are bought as a gift or to treat yourself.