Handmade Silver Earrings

Our handmade silver earrings are individually hand-crafted, designed and produced by hill tribe communities and other artisans in Northern Thailand. Designs range from traditional hill tribe motifs to more contemporary and on-trend pieces.

The tools used to create these unique handmade silver earrings are often surprisingly basic. In many cases hammers, cutters and wooden shapers are the only tools employed to create the perfect curves, lines and textures of the pieces, while heat is occasionally used to soften the silver before it is moulded. The real skill comes not from the tools but from the expertise that has been passed down through the generations.

The silversmiths learn from the elders of their community, working hard to emulate the intricate detail, the delicate shapes and contours. Our handmade silver earrings are repeatedly matched against model pieces, to ensure that quality and consistency are maintained. Although these handmade silver earrings are small, making them can be very time-consuming, and each artisan usually focuses on one design at a time, creating each piece to perfection. From the first stage of washing the silver, through the shaping and moulding and to the polishing, the craftspeople work either alone or in groups, using hand-held tools and hand-operated machinery.

All of our handmade silver earrings are made exclusively for Maison de Siam, so every order we take has a direct benefit on an individual workshop, on individual artisans, their families and the wider community. We make the path from producer to purchaser as short as possible.