Our handmade silver jewellery has a unique and contemporary feel to its design.

All our of pieces of handmade silver jewellery are made by silversmiths in the Thai hill tribes or by artisans in Northern Thailand. We offer an exclusive range of sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver earrings and sterling silver bracelets and bangles. All are made from at least 925 sterling silver.

The method of production has been passed down through the generations, originating at a time when the hill tribes used jewellery as barter pieces to swap for food and crops.

The production process is very simple and nearly all by hand, with hand-operated machinery used only occasionally. Some of the more intricate pieces can take over sixteen hours to produce, whilst others, particularly some of the sterling silver bangles, take a much shorter time. Each piece is repeatedly matched against a model piece to maintain the highest quality and ensure consistency. Read more about the process here; https://maisondesiam.co.uk/the-making-of-our-handmade-silver-jewellery/

All our handmade silver jewellery is made for Maison de Siam, and we take pride in offering such unique handcrafted pieces to you. We hope you enjoy our range as much as we do, whether you are buying as a gift or to treat yourself.