Wooden hill tribe hut in Chiang Mai

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Maison de Siam presents a personally curated, unique selection of hand-crafted sterling silver jewellery, made by artisan communities in Northern Thailand. We invest in the future of those communities by supporting a local education charity.

When we discovered the stunning sterling silver jewellery crafted by hand in the hills of Northern Thailand, we knew that we had found something very special. While living and working in Thailand, we have been able to explore Thai culture and to travel extensively. We were particularly taken by the North East of the country, a region of lush forest-covered mountains, breathtaking scenery and a temperate climate.

This area is home to indigenous hill tribes, who live away from the increasingly westernized towns and cities, still practising age-old traditions. On our first visit to the hill tribes we were struck by the skill and creativity of the craftsmen and women, and that feeling of awe has grown as we have got to know them, how they work, and more of the extraordinary pieces that they craft. From that moment we have been intent on bringing these pieces to a global audience, giving those outside Thailand the opportunity to wear such stunning and unique jewellery, and enabling the Thai artisans to reach out to new markets.

The artisans in the hill tribes craft this sterling silver jewellery by hand in very simple workshops under their houses, which rest on stilts. When the jewellery business is slow, they must labour in the fields instead. Our work with these craftsmen and women thereby ensures that they can dedicate as much time as possible to this highly skilled craft.

While making this unique handmade sterling silver jewellery available beyond Thailand, we also wish to give something back to the communities who make this jewellery and to others like them. So every year we donate to a charity based in Thailand, and are currently supporting the work of EDFthai. This well-established NGO funds education scholarships, enabling children to attend local schools. For more information and to read about the huge benefits of this charity, please visit our Stories page, or EDFthai.


Karen hill tribe women making silver jewelleryCrafting handmade sterling silver jewellery has been a way of life in the hill tribes for many years. All the pieces are made of 925 Sterling Silver, meticulously crafted by hand from start to finish, and these skills are passed down from generation to generation.

The attention and dedication that goes into ensuring the high quality of each piece of sterling silver jewellery is astonishing, with some items taking sixteen hours or more to complete. Both contemporary and traditional pieces are produced by these craftsmen and women. We also stock pieces that have been hand-crafted by local artisans and craftspeople from other communities of northern Thailand.

Maison de Siam presents a personally curated, unique selection of hand-crafted jewellery, all chosen because they offer something a little different. Luxury and understated confidence underpin our exclusive selection of sterling silver earrings, sterling silver bracelets and bangles and sterling silver necklaces, all perfect to be given as gifts or simply to treat yourself. Each piece is an exquisite showcase for the marvellous skill and ingenuity that we have seen amongst the hill tribe artisans, and we are delighted to bring them to you.

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